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Dues are sent to the APC Treasurer and are due by on or before December 31st of each. Dues must be paid in U.S. Funds

Individual: $35.00
Family: $55.00
Junior: Free

Individual: $45.00
Family: $60.00

Overseas Foreign

Individual: $50.00
Individual: $60.00


January 03, 2019


Member and Patron Information

Membership in the American Pomeranian Club is open to all fanciers of the breed. 

The applicant must be in good standing with the American Kennel Club. The application will be read at the first meeting of the APC Board following its receipt and applicants have their name published in the next Pomeranian Review. At the next Board of Directors meeting following the 30 days of this publication, the applicant will be voted upon by separate Board ballot. An affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Directors will be required to elect the applicant.

Applications may be requested from the Membership Secretary or downloaded under the forms section.

Membership Eligibility

A completed APC Membership Application Form with sponsoring endorsements of two (2) members in good standing:

  1. have known the applicant for two or more years;
  2. do not reside in the same household; 
  3. are not related to each other or the applicant;

Application must be accompanied by the proper dues and sent to the Membership Secretary.

Patron Eligibility

A completed APC Membership Application Form accompanied with a minimum $15.00 donation must be sent to the Membership Secretary.

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