Lisa & Jiggy

Lisa Vanderpump & Jiggy

Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump, her adored Pomeranian Jiggy, and the American Pomeranian Club invite you to join in the search for a genetic marker for Alopecia X (also known as black skin disease or BSD, a severe, unexplained coat loss in otherwise healthy dogs). Please donate now to the AKC Canine Health Foundationís studies on Alopecia X.

Neither Mrs. Vanderpump nor the American Pomeranian Club condones euthanasia of dogs affected by Alopecia X.


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Alopecia X
Donations for Alopecia may be made to the American Pomeranian Club (APC) or the Canine Health Foundation (CHF). If donating to CHF please specify that your donation is for Alopecia X.

Alopecia X (aka Black Skin Disease)
Donations to APC

Alopecia X (aka Black Skin Disease)
Donations to CHF

Updated:  December 18, 2017   

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