CH AJ's Smokin Joe (Grp1 & BOB)
CH AJ's Tuff As Nails (Grp1)
MACH2 April May Wicket Moxon
CH Bev-Nor's Toasted Fudge (Grp1 & BOB)
MACH Big Furry Chop-Monster
CH Bi-Mar Sundance Kid (Grp1)
BK's Sir Spunky CDX (Trks)
MACH5 Bouncin Bundle Of Bear CDX RE
MACH2 Bubbi’s Beauty CDX
CH Canefrye's Tater Tot (Grp1)
CH Cassio's Flash In The Pan
MACH2 Chut Tanu Khuse
MACH3 Cindy’s Little Muffin CDX
MACH Cody Joe C Man
CH Corn's Duke Dragonfly (BOB)
CH Cottontop Doin’ It Better (Grp1)
CH Courbette's Road Show CD NA (MT)
MACH “Cowboy” The Party Pom
CH Creider's Prince Dom Perignon 
OTCH Crickette's Midnight Song (HIT)
Dawn’s Cork In A Bottle MX MXJ
Dimonde Flynn's Fling CD (HIT)
Driftwood Love That Bob UDX
CH Dupre's Sparkling Gold Buster
CH Eagle Creek's Hamin It Up (BIS)
CH Emcee's Golden Jaymy (BOB) 
CH Fame Lone Ranger (Grp1)
CH Finch’s Awesome On All Four (Grp 1 & BOB)
CH Finch’s Bettin’ On Char’s (Grp 1)
CH Finch’s He Walks On Water
MACH Finch’s Peach Melba Delight
CH Finch's Rolling Like A River (Grp1)
CH Firebrook’s Tabasco Fiasco (Grp1)
CH Foxworth Fanfare
CH Fry's Magic Lil Angus (Grp1)
Funquest’s Surfin’ USA MX MXJ
Georgian's Betty UDT (Trks)
Gidget’s Cinnamon Prince UDX
CH Glen Iris Castle Rock (Grp1) 
CH Glen Iris Essence Of Cuilean (Grp1)
CH Great Elms Pride And Joy (Grp 1)
Himself The Elf MX MXJ
CH Homestead's Spit N Polish (BOB)
CH Howlene-Teahra Impero (Grp1)
CH Jamels Texas Tornado (Grp1)
CH Jan-Shars Commander N-Chief (Grp1)
CH Jan-Shar's Daddy Says I'm Darling (Grp1)
MACH Jan-Shars Dax Emmanuels Gift CDX
CH Jan-Shars Dudly Doright (Grp1)
CH Jan-Shars Hail To The Chief (Grp1)
CH JJ’s Not That Kind Of Angel (Grp1)
CH Jolly Wee Ga Hot Shot (Grp1)
MACH2 Judy's Itzy Bitzy Mitzi MX MXJ
CH Lil Behrs Thumbelina
CH Linchris Genghis Pom (BIS)
MACH3 Little Polly Party Girl
MACH3 Lord Peter Of Bristol Court
CH Lovely Jessie Sais So (Grp1)
CH Majestics Willie B Steppn Up (Grp 1/BOB)
Mar-Vic’s Stuff’d Black Bear UDX NA NAJ
MACH4 Maya Mango She’s A Delight
Megan’s Spitfire CDX MX AXJ
CH MNM’s Heroic Captain Marvel (3-5pt)
MACH3 Muffy’s Fluffy Muegge CDX
OTCH Noah's Abra Ka Dabra (HIT)
CH Odyssey's Keno Wiz (Grp1 & BOB)
Ollie Blue Bluster CDX TD OA (MT)
Painters Passion Diamond UDX
CH Patrick's Mr Larry
CH Pedron's Dragon The Conqueror (Grp1)
CH Peperie Persnickety
CH Pixie’s Buttons N Bows (Grp1)
CH Pom Acres Air Jordan (Grp1)
CH Pufpride Sweet Dreams (Grp1)
CH Raintree's Southern Belle
CH Randy's Jolly Wee Peppi (BOB)
Razzle Dazzle Concerto UDX
CH Rider's Sparklin' Gold Nugget (BOB)
Rise N Shine Christmas Wish, CD (HIT)
CH Rise N Shine’s He’s A Hottie (Grp1)
MACH Riverstone's Rockin The Boat
CH Rock N' Tradition Of Oakridge
MACH3 Sargeant Ceasar
CH Sheeba's Little Dragonfly (BOB)
Ch Showcase Hot Topic (Grp 1)
CH Showcase Got To Be Me (Grp 1)
Silver-Bears’s Ebony Spitzfire MX MXJ
CH Sirius It's All About Me (Grp1 & BOB)
CH Starfire's Here Comes Trouble (Grp 1)
CH Starfire's Show Me The Huny (Grp1)
CH Southlands Black Tie N Tails (Grp 1)
CH Southlands Mighty Impressive (Grp 1 & BOB)
CH Sundown's Hide N Zeke CD (BOB)
CH Sundown’s Keegan Xavier (BOB)
CH Tim Sue's Flying High (BIS/Grp 1)
OTCH Tinkler’s Tom Tom
Toby En Charge CDX MX MXJ
MACH2 Toyrific Lil’buttons
Tucker The Third Muskateer UDX2
OTCH Twinkle Little Super Star (HIT)
OTCH Uhland's Creme Puff Delight (HIT)
CH Valcopy Batboy (Grp1)
Wasielewski's Mindy MX MXJ
Walters Dame Cheeky MX MXJ
MACH Walters Teasie Tootsie
CH Wee Squeakie Of Lenette
CH Wildwood Spirit Of Pom Acres (Grp1)

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