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Updated:  August 21, 2014  

The Official Website for the American Pomeranian Club

The American Pomeranian Club is the only official AKC National Parent Club to represent and be the guardian of this breed. We encourage and promote responsible, ethical ownership and breeding of purebred Pomeranians. Any  profits made from this site go directly to the American Pomeranian Club, which is not operated for profit or benefit of any member or individual. All Club proceeds go toward assisting related Pomeranian events, education, health and genetics research, welfare and rescue.

The Pomeranian is a Nordic breed which takes its name from the province of Pomerania, now located in Germany. It was bred down to its current 3 to 7 pound toy size from larger ancestors which were used for herding and for pulling sleds. Their popularity was greatly enhanced by Queen Victoria of England, who owned the first Pomeranians to be shown. Pomeranians come in a wide variety of coat colors and patterns. These spirited, loving and loyal dogs excel in the show ring, companion events and as therapy dogs in nursing homes and hospitals.

"The American Pomeranian Club stands united in its opposition to euthanasia of otherwise healthy Pomeranian dogs who have Alopecia X sometimes known as Black Skin Disease."

Lisa Vanderpump & Jiggy

Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump, her adored Pomeranian Jiggy, and the American Pomeranian Club invite you to join in the search for a genetic marker for Alopecia X (also known as black skin disease or BSD, a severe, unexplained coat loss in otherwise healthy dogs). Please donate now to the AKC Canine Health Foundationís studies on Alopecia X.

Neither Mrs. Vanderpump nor the American Pomeranian Club condones euthanasia of dogs affected by Alopecia X.

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The APC Board is cognizant of the case in which a member has been accused of four counts of animal cruelty. The Board is bound by the APC Constitution and Bylaws, Article VIII, which limits the action we can take at the present time. The Board will monitor the progress of this case and proceed in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws. The APC takes such charges very seriously.

The individual did not renew their APC Membership.

The APC will be holding an artwork contest for 2016. More information will be released once a Theme has been chosen.




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